Cool band I like, the HU out of Mongolia,

These guys rock, a real primal energy to them, Jacoby from Papa Roach does vocal for the one song on the radio here, "Wolf Totem" it's kick ass, but the original non english songs are cool as fuck too, I love how musicians from around the world, with totally different cultures can get together to rock, it tells me people are the same the world over, they just want to jam, party and have a great time. Like when Aerosmith and Run DMC collaborated, they both laughed at the idea, but came out with a hit, brought people together who never would have spoken prior, we can ALL "walk this way" if we just see each other as people, put down the hate, crank the tunes and have some fun. Lighten up world! Biologically, one has to grow old, but you do NOT have to grow up! Quit fighting, and keep rocking, it's way more fun! :)

The book of Stephen 10:25

I have spoken, that is all, as you were

Re: Cool band I like, the HU out of Mongolia,

that is why i've been a preforming musician for over 40yrs. its universal language, and shared communication that develops a wide pallet of diversity in a persons life. it lives in our's, and we feel more than grateful, and blessed for it. stay inspired!

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