Che Che recipes

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Not a good cook or think you can cook.

Prison commissary cuisine...

U know trust fund kids never heard the werd.. .

Flipping bird...

Re: Che Che recipes

Johnny Braaapp /

1 Single Serve Bag of the following:

-BBQ Potato Chips



2 Packs Chili Ramen

1 Beef & Cheese Stick

1 Jalapeño Cheese Squeezer

1 Ranch Dressing Squeezer

1 Pack of Cheese & Wheat Crackers

Step 1: Crush/cut up everything to your liking.

Step 2: Dump everything minus crackers, and ranch into a large enough piece of trash bag.

Step 3: Add 1/2 crackers and ranch and the cheese. save remaining for a topping.

Step4: Add as warm of water as you have access to, water amount is KEY. It’s trial and error, but don’t worry. You have enough time to make another I’m sure....

Step 5: Twist/ Seal bag and run under hot water to further “heat it” Let sit for 15/20 minutes.

Step 6: Remove from bag, SAVE THE BAG. Pour chi chi into ur plastic prison bowl.

Step 7: Sprikle remaining crackers, ranch and cheese to the top.

Dude, chi is good but prison “burritos” made from ramen are shit too. (edited)

Re: Che Che recipes

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Do tell...

It's like if you watch some eat they are either the youngest of a large family or spent some time upstate...

Re: Che Che recipes

I was in prison, shortly, as a guard.

I swear I am a good person and thats why I quit.

That aside.

Guys taught me about some ramen stuff that has stayed with me. Here’s one they did often. These guys could make stingers and TP sterno heaters and we didnt bother them if they didnt set the fire alarms off.

Basically, mix ramen (cooked), tuna, mayo, whatever else you like.

Porters would sneak in bread.

Make a griddle out of metal book shelf or bed frame with TP stove and make a ramen-tuna melt kinda thing.

Cook would stick that in a clean sock on a fishing line and distribute them.

I never ate the ones they made. I was a cool guard but maintained professional distance from that kind of thing. So, I guess I’ll never know if what I have made is really accurate. But, it is pretty freaking good.

Re: Che Che recipes

Sounds like those prisoners are treated inhumanely.

Re: Che Che recipes

Johnny Braaapp /

The burrito...

2pk Ramen - Chili or Picante Chicken

1pk Tuna - Forgot this stuff in my Chi Chi recipe... $3.75 a pouch in the clink

1 Ranch Squeezer

1 Cheese Squeezer

1 Sm. bag Salsitas, Cheetos, BBQ Chips, Combos

Ok first. Your ramen needs to be not crushed, at all. The way ramen noodles are packaged they are like a clam shell (for lack of better term) you need to open the ramen carefully as you will be cooking in the ramen bag. Be sure to open the correct end of the package, which is the end in which would be the “mouth? Of the “clamshell””idk but you get the idea.

Ok, got it opened on the correct end, now don’t forget to remove the season packet, be mindful as to not breaking up your noodles.

Fill the entire ramen bag with the noodles still inside with hot water, now I take the open end and pinch and seal it. Let it sit.

Filling time..... In your plastic prison bowl, add your other ingredients. Crush them all up prior to adding them. Add 1 season packet. Add cheese, and ranch.

Stir&mix! Now depending on your wet/dry ingredient ratio, you may need a little bit of water.

Pro tip: No one likes a dry burrito.

Ok now that your filling is ready let’s check on the ramen. If they aren’t cooked yet, wait longer. You can’t do this unless the noodles are cooked/not hard.

Ramen ready? cool.... drain the water out bag.

Next carefully take your ramen, which is still in the bag, cooked & drained, and with your plastic prison spork carefully open up the “clamshell.” This is where your filling goes!!!

Now I like to add some cheese squeeze inside the ramen clammer jammer prior to adding filling but do you. Fill that bitch all the way up. Leaving a tiny bit of room that you can still fold the top of the bag over itself to seal.

Take filled ramen, take newspaper, towel, or whatever else, and tightly roll your cooked& stuffed ramen pack up. Let sit while you fill the other one up. They don’t need to still for more than 5 minutes.

Unwrap, chow down. The soup perfectly contains your fillings, and your left over newspapers catch any mess!

You eat 2 of them, you’ll not want to move....

Prison Burritos 🌯

Another Pro Tip: No need to add more than 1 ramen seasoning packet, save your other one to jazz up the shitty jail food. (edited)

Re: Che Che recipes

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Hey they could even smoke line Oleum to get high like crack off the formaldehyde... I only ever did 30 days in the hole do do not having the proper licensing to sell Grateful Dead merchandise after the promoter has changed from $100 a year to 1100.00 the party was over and the cops raided the carnival in Pittsburg...

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