No Justice.

I shared some crap that was going on with my kid being tormented by a bully on the school bus. It was in one of Junior’s threads that got deleted. Don’t know who, if anyone saw it.

Well, it continues and the problems have escalated.

My wife confronted a school official about their failure to protect our child and how this type of failure has been reported in an article in Stars and Stripes; that this is a known issue that they will not address. The person said they had “no idea what article she was talking about.”

It came out in September and there is no way in hell it isn’t a well known issue to the entire military education community.

I am fighting one HELL of an uphill battle here.

Please PLEASE guys, read this article. Hear me, cause I’m crying for help here. Anyone that has connections to National Media or Lawyers that might have a clue what to do here. I need names and info.

I do not back down from the face of evil. The layers of criminal activity, misconduct, neglect, abuse of power, etc. that are going on here are staggering me and my family.

I think they are counting on us to get overwhelmed and lay down. But that ain’t my style and I’m not in the mood to change.

Re: No Justice.

wow, yea

I caught that story, sounds like the kid's in a terrible family situation. this is exactly the kinda thing we keep coming back to when something bad happens and only then do they look back and say why didn't we do something then

I have a book I come back to often from the industrial process engineering view called failure to learn, about the BP disaster and industrial disasters in general noting how many near misses and red flags were actively ignored or even silenced until something really bad happens. I'm with you it's important to keep on this, but I don't know how. But I support it, it could honestly save lives and futures. we have to address these red flags!

Re: No Justice.

also not really related, but I visited Kaiserslautern once, I rode a shitty kymco scooter there from Mannheim, then to Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Worms then back.

that percentage unreported is insane

Re: No Justice.

Thanks WillD.

I would share more, but its like, maybe not okay with my specifics since there’s stuff being investigated.

I was a cop before. I know what crimes are and victims and how you process something from complaint to formal charges.

I have to hold people’s hand and explain why this stuff is unacceptable. They keep giving me shitty excuses and when I blow every single one up they’re just like: “well yeah we could be doing that better”

Example: Bus is contracted german provider. I say: “Don’t drivers and observers charged with the safe care and transport of our children have a duty to report an incident they witness?”

response: “No they are only obligated to drive and the observers are only there to observe for counter-terrorism purposes.”

Me: “Okay, but don’t you think they would be outstanding, credible witnesses to the activities on their bus? Couldn’t we get their names an interview them?”

- “Yeah we could do that... “

And people really want me to take my kid off the bus. I said: “You put the fire out. You don’t disassemble the house around it and build somewhere else.”

I am livid and this is just me trying to get a school to discipline a bully. I can’t imagine the horror of someone I loved being killed (without cause) and the police just sweep it under the rug.

Not saying I’d start a riot. But, when you have to push against a wall this solid long enough, without it moving. I can totally see why you eventually say fuck it and burn the damn thing down.

Re: No Justice.

I’m getting a lawyer.

I know people feel wronged many times and say things like this. But, this time it is for real.

Justice will prevail, and my family and I will soar on the winds of righteousness.


I’m gonna crash and burn hard when the evil in power gets sick of my whiny peasant voice and stomps on me.

Promise you all get a front row seat. Wish me luck.

Re: No Justice.

2 left hands 🏍 /

Good luck man. And good for you trying to do what’s right for your child.

Re: No Justice.

punkrock randy /

Yeah, that sounds like a shit position to be in. Have you met his parents? Bullying is popular right now, Drumph mentality garbage. Makes me glad that I don’t have a kid, for now...

Re: No Justice.

punkrock randy /

And not reporting incidents because personnel didn’t want offending students to be looked at in a negative way in the next school or school year is insane. This is how shit elevates, from being left unchecked or without consequences.

Re: No Justice.

It’s all so messed up.

Someone, related to my higher chain of command, offered solutions to my wife that she could:

Drive our kid to school

Transfer our kid to a different school

Move (our home) to another location so as to not be on same bus

What in the holy flying fucks of a million fuck flock is that!!

But these are the attitudes we’re dealing with.

Re: No Justice.

I never post on these types of topics but I will this time as it has a little to do with it.

First I cannot access the article as it is blocked by the internet I am using. But I have experience with bullying. My approach may not have been the right way but it worked...

The history is this... my son had a brain tumor at age 3 and survived it all. In school I heard he was being harassed, hurt and bullied by the kids. I was divorced at the time and well heard it through the grapevine you might say.

I drove 520 miles to the school and went right to the principal's office. Looked him right in the eye and said the next time my kid is bullied, hurt, hit or harmed in any way I will drive another 520 miles to inflict the same upon you. He started to spurt off legal issues and such and I said I did not care... I will still inflict the same pain to you as you are responsible. I was so adamant in my approach that it all stopped immediately. I never made the drive again.

Re: No Justice.

My dad was a wonderful father. He was a single father, forced because of my mom’s alcohol addiction.

He had a terrible father; an abusive alcoholic.

My dad is the person that I learned true unconditional love from. He has been hurt by so many people in so many ways his whole life and yet still always takes the high road. Forgives and forgets. Makes sacrifices and such to appease others.

He pressed me to always do the right thing. To always tell the truth, because that is the right thing. Even if it means getting in trouble.

This wonderful man and role model, said about his children: I can take a lot of crap from people, but if anyone hurts my child, I will go to prison to set it right.

It would be like watching an episode of Mr. Rogers when a child in the neighborhood is hurt by a criminal. Mr. Rogers, eyes narrowed, deep poweful heaving chest taking in the air that is about to explode in muscles wringing justice from the lifeless body of anyone that would hurt a defenseless child.

I am a product of my father in many ways. But I have sworn to a civilized approach for dealing with my grievances.

In many ways, Bullying and psychological torture is way worse than a physical crime. Yet we treat it as almost below the chart of escalation in criminal behavior.

I say, it is the top. It is the most heinous act that can be perpetrated against another individual. Perhaps worse than murder. Because if you are killed, at least the crime stops. Physical atracks can heal and the memories can fade with time.

But prolonged exposure of a bully to its victim. the helplessness of feeling injured but nobody else see the acts, judged individually, as all that bad. And in this case, my kids doesn’t have the social skills to really process what’s happening or why and

I cant write more. this is breaking me. love you guus.

Re: No Justice.

Hi, I did see what you shared, and it is awful, that kid who is taunting/assaulting your's has or is continuing to be abused in his home, or is witnessing inappropriate behavior, either by his parents or guardians,

or older siblings/extended family. Much as the US is maligned, and rightfully so, that kid and his parents would be having some very intense interactions with social services, and possibly law enforcement here. I don't have the contacts you seek, but what I would do is to DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT DOCUMENT. An attorney could advise you how, and yes I know you are subject to military rule, but outside attorney's understand that system too. As insane as it is to suggest your wife drive your son to school, it may be best for his safety, but maybe not....that is SO fucked up to suggest the decent people move/change due to a bully and in your case an abused child acting out in a dangerous manner. Are there cams on the busses? Another way to force compliance would be to threaten to go to the media, but you would again have to have air-tight documentation, but if you do....? In any suit, before it went to court be sure the parties know you are not seeking monetary damages, but rather help for the children here, both yours, and the abuser, who is a victim in his own right, some intervention may save him from prison and a long string of people becoming victims of him. If the powers that be refuse to act, sue the bus co, and the military branch responsible for education, be VERY loud and public about it, name names of those directly responsible if threatened with this, action may be taken, as no one wants that kind of negative press. It should not have to come to this, but the camera has replaced the pen as being mightier than the sword.

Personally, I prefer the sword, as it is more direct, and much more cost effective! :) Like that kids parents end up in a mysterious single car accident...etc etc, or the kid just happens you know. But it is not really the kids fault, he learned this from somewhere, but he is headed to prison anyway...public service homicide is a thing. I Digress. I admire your desire to do this legally, as you serve no one by getting locked up yourself. But also remember, when the high road was built, they did not tear down the low one.

Contact the media, they have all kinds of lawyers and investigators, and if they think they can make a buck you will pay for nothing exposing this, just be prepared for fallout in your career, but may not be so bad when it is seen as you are not whining for you, but for you kid, when it has been DOCUMENTED that the system in place has failed him. Best of luck resolving this, you and your family are in my thoughts.

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