Been nice knowin' all a youse

but i dont think were making it out of 2020 alive...


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Fake news again?

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> Don Ohio Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Fake news again?

You should know all about fake news but your head is shoved so far up your ass for you to know the difference.

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Dude this is the gnarliest shit. basically they killed fucking MILLIONS of mink, and just piled them into graves because what do you do with millions of dead mink, I mean this is like stadium-volume, filled with rotting mink corpses in dirt trenches

the "rise from the dead" part is some catchy journalistic flare for the headlines-only crowd but they were all rotting and bloating so much the ground was swelling and spewing out dead rotten mink carcasses like a bloody pimple popping on the face of Denmark.

fucking GNARLY. that shit is gross as fuuuuuck

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Why didn't they just burn the bodies in the first place, that's classic pandemic movie shit

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Probably because mink, like most living things, are mostly water and not combustible.

You’d have to have a furnace fueled with something to burn em in and that would be really spensive.

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Jeezopete - could this year get ANY weirder ???? I feel badly for the mink ranchers. And the minks. Yet another industry and everyone dependent upon it wiped out by this dreadful illness. WTF man, this just showed up and now the entire planet is covered in it. I'm staying out here on this farm until it's my turn to get the vaccine.

Um....... except idiot Texas has decided to hold a completely unnecessary, frivolous, who cares, meaningless, super spreader event to make things worse. They've decided to bring the National Finals Rodeo here to Arlington instead of Las Vegas. Did I mention the completely unnecessary part ? Frivolous ? Meaningless ? Super spreader ? Really ? We can call off the Olympics ? But the NFR is just tooooo important to blow off for a year ? Are we just trying to see how many people we can kill for no reason whatsoever ? Are we TRYING to thin the herd ? Yeah I know, Arlington has to try to pay off that bazllion dollar stadium. Case closed. Money rules. Like always. Stay home, stay safe, act like ya got good sense. We've made it this far, folks, let's all live to ride another day.

...............An idiot fuckin' rodeo - jeez-o-pete.

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Yeah man you ever seen a mink farm, that shit is despicable. I dunno about woke european mink farms but they are pretty fuckin awful.

I heard a thing a few years ago about mad cow, basically the govt in europe needed to downsize meat production to match demand so they kinda took advantage of mad cow to write all the farmers a big check like 'kill all your cows, we'll buy you out, go grow something else' sorta deal, then they also tightened down the laws on trade to prop up the market

Anyhow, yeah, fuck mink farming

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Mink farms in Europa are just as horrendous and i believe the EU was banning it anyway. Good riddance.

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theyre such cute lil rodents. I have a mink collar I think I got it from a dump swap shop or something, it's pretty fuckin gross, like I can kinda get why people buy furs, theyre expensive and difficult to maintain so a nice one really sends a message of ostentatious extravagance, which rich folks really love, but the ones where it's just like the whole body is pretty psycho. like maybe as a lost-boys dirtbike accessory, but as a scarf? creepy

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They're not rodents,but weasel tribe I believe.

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