Cuyuna engine info ?

Anyone know where I can get a parts diagram for the Cuyuna 440 and 340 engines they ran in the Scorpion snowmobiles? I didn't have any luck online. Any help would be nice, thanks.

Re: Cuyuna engine info ?

Go to ""

It's a bit clunky to get around there, but they have parts diagrams of the JLO engines the Cuyuna design came from.

Re: Cuyuna engine info ?

Jesse Nordlander /

There rebadged jlo rockwell if that helps

Re: Cuyuna engine info ?

Not so. The Scorpion snowmobile co. bought the design and tooling from JLO and further developed the engine range.

Re: Cuyuna engine info ?

Yeah they are different. I got a complete 399 and I also have a 440 bottom end. Nice little motors. Just got to get rid of the junk clutch and toss a comet on them. Also get rid of the tillotson and and get yourself a 36 mikuni and she will be ripping.

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