Re: My Stimulus is being STOLEN


The garage called and said there is metal in the oil.

So, there’s that can o worms.

Since I am stuck in Germany for 6 more months with no access to a lift (covid) and shop prices are crazy for labor, I really don’t know what direction to take this.

We owe $10K on the Pilot.

Used engines go from $1,700 - 2,500.

Rebuilt are more.

If a Honda rebuild came with a warranty, that would be nice. But any work done here will be void when I move in 6 months.

So many directions this can go wrong. Not many that can go right.

Tell me how crazy this sounds:

- Have the garage it is at change the oil pump and stuff under the timing belt covers

- Ask them to do their best to flush the oil passages clean. Maybe the filter kept damage to a minimum?

- Drive it under its own power to the port for shipping and get it to America

- Swap the engine with a warranty rebuild back home

- Buy equipment for 3D printing and metal casting

- Use trashed engine castings to make custom moped parts

I cannot sell the thing here. It has no trade in value. It has to run to ship with military PCS. I am too stubborn to junk it and eat a $10K loss.

I will never underestimate an idiot light again.

Re: My Stimulus is being STOLEN

If you’ve got metal shavings, you’re engine is toast. Your only viable option to not completely lose your ass, is to replace the engine. I’d go used. Drive it for the six months. Then sell it.

Otherwise you are just throwing away $10,000 that you still have to pay. Even if the car is junk.

Re: My Stimulus is being STOLEN

Is there any chance the engine isn’t toast?

Like this is new territory for me.

I really don’t trust the guys here with a motor swap. I won’t have any warranty on the work done by them when I leave either.

I could scope down the cylinder and see what the walls look like?

I ran this idea past the wife: Have the pump replaced, flush it out as best as possible. The engine did not seize and it isn’t smoking or anything crazy. I will do an oil change and filter change twice right after we get it back and add one of those Iron Man magnet drain plugs.

If it is still running and driving after that, we just limp it along until it ships back to the states.

Then, if we want to get a new engine with a warranty, go that route. Or finally get to screw over a dealer and trade it in on something.

Not gonna lie, I have ALWAYS been an honest egg. Much to my own detriment. It would be nice to lay a big turd back on Honda. This Pilot has ruined my trust in the engineering. I bet their world market vehicles are still good. The American market vans and SUVs are just hot garbage.

Re: My Stimulus is being STOLEN

Overpriced Parts /

> Papa _ Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Is there any chance the engine isn’t toast?


> Then, if we want to get a new engine with a warranty, go that route. Or

> finally get to screw over a dealer and trade it in on something.


> Not gonna lie, I have ALWAYS been an honest egg. Much to my own

> n detriment. It would be nice to lay a big turd back on Honda. This

> Pilot has ruined my trust in the engineering. I bet their world market

> vehicles are still good. The American market vans and SUVs are just hot

> garbage.

Just because you had a bad experience probably due to the fact that it wasn’t maintained the best by you or prior owner doesn’t mean all American vans and SUVs are hot garbage

Our 2000 Honda odyssey though it’s getting close to its service life it’s still running

Many times people will trade in a vehicle after a year or two doing after doing no maintenance whatsoever so the second owner gets a lemon,

A wife’s car many times gets less maintenance or repair for they don’t know how to listen or understand when things are wrong or bad, my wife is guilty of the same.

Miss the initial oil change or one when a vehicle is new and Extreme wear/damage occurs,

Maybe search and see if that was a problem on similar years Vehicles and it maybe a recall condition And the repair may be for free

Re: My Stimulus is being STOLEN

Thanks for that. I an just blowing off steam. I have never heard of something like this failing on a Honda.

We have always done proper maintenance on this Engine. The coils are the only thing I let get away from me. Because they fail so often. I will let it misfire for a while before finally ordering a new set.

We did buy it used with 77,000 miles. Which, is nothing for an old Honda. Apparently newer Honda engines have parts that break.

That was the reason I only bought Hondas for 20 years. They never ever break. My Civics and Fits could be thrashed and crashed. Give ‘em fresh Mobil One every 5,000-7500 miles and they just could not fail.

The Fit was the first one that had the coil problems. But they went 100K before the first fail and the cars were sold without problems to second owners at almost 200K

The Pilot coils were missing shortly after we bought it. (80-90K) and again three years later.

The VCM made the transmission slam up and down gears and engine vibrate like crazy. We bypassed the VCM but the damage may have already been done. I also read that the VCM messes up piston rings and may be why it consumed so much oil.

My boy, the one with the electric moped, was like: “Dad this is why electric cars are better.” I wanted to disagree. Because Electrics are gonna have a whole mess of expensive parts to fail as well. But, it could be that the number of critical parts is less. So, by statistics, electric cars may be more reliable.

Cars are just too damn expensive these days and I hate paying that much for junk that breaks.

Re: My Stimulus is being STOLEN

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

I’d ask to see this metal that’s in the oil. Did they even bother to test oil pressure? Check for vvt codes? You probably have sucker written across your forehead.

With you stating that you noticed no top end noise after driving it on the highway for 10 minutes, i’m thinking that it has oil pressure.

The oil pump on that motor is driven by the snout of the crankshaft. I just can’t imagine it working one minute, then not working the next. Growing weaker over time maybe, with the oil light flickering at idle as the first signs is a typical failure scenario. The only “now it works, now it doesn’t “ scenario I can think of would be the pressure relief valve on the pump is stuck, which I believe is accessible from outside the timing cover.

Those 3.5L motors clatter like hell after an oil change until the filter fills up, so a no pressure issue would seem obvious to me.

You can remove the oil fill cap and look in there and see rocker arms and watch for oil flying around as it’s running too.

Unless it has obvious vvt noise and vvt codes, I’d have the pressure actually tested before i went any farther. If they don’t have the means to test the pressure, have them replace the $30 pressure sending just above the oil filter and drive the fucking thing.

Re: My Stimulus is being STOLEN

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Note. Driving around with a misfire is a good way to destroy your catalytic converter.

Re: My Stimulus is being STOLEN

Dang. Thanks Blaine. That all sounds like solid advice.

I don’t know how sucker I look to these guys. They may be bigger goobers than me.

They called my wife back while I was gone and said there was metal in the oil and the first thing they wanted to do was an oil change.

I thought, why would you put clean oil into something that is clearly disintegrating just to mess it up? Are they gonna run it like that? Like, what is their line of thinking?

I know my ass is hanging out on this scenario, but usually I do my own work and I do good work. I keep stuff clean and like to think most stuff is better than new when I have to replace it. Letting someone do this deep of a job on my family car makes me anxious.

Re: My Stimulus is being STOLEN

No surprises or miracles. I saw the oil finally. Glitter bomb.

Engine needs complete teardown and rebuild.

No way to get that done here and I wouldn’t do it since the warranty won’t cross the ocean with me in a few months.

I did at least find out that the military will let me ship this as my one vehicle, even though it can’t be driven.

Back in the States, I will swap the cheapest junk yard engine I can find and see what happens next.

Maybe rebuild this one myself and reinstall it? Trade the thing? Wrap it around a pole?

Still feeling like a dumbass and more than a little disappointed that my oil pump failed. I did buy this used. Hard to know what abuse it suffered before we bought it.

Re: My Stimulus is being STOLEN

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Junk yard motor would be way cheaper

No vvt codes?

Re: My Stimulus is being STOLEN

They didn’t bother. The shop here is more like a brake, muffler, oil change place. They can’t do this job and had no intensions of doing more than looking at the oil.

I didn’t know that going in. It makes me feel better knowing it can be shipped home busted.

I will see if I can get the codes before the battery dies. Maybe get a clearer picture of what happened.

Based on what you have told me, what I read on the interwebs, and what I experienced while driving, I think the pressure relief valve stuck open.

The last drive before the failure involved a max effort, red line acceleration onto the autobahn. Maybe, the valve got stuck open there but I was close to home and 🤷🏻‍♂️ Why the light stayed off in town, and idling as I came home.

Maybe, just maybe, the oil system which is fully primed can continue to operate with the relief valve stuck open. But after a shut down and draining to the pan, the oil would rather take the short cut path? I am only getting very speculative info about how this system works and I have no schematic.

So, next morning, cold start, the oil pressure light came on because oil rather divert through open valve than pump through engine. I noticed low level on stick and added more oil, but that was a red herring.

Pump was probably working fine. Maybe some oil was moving through engine as I putted along. I made it pretty far like that. Then I had to drive a long uphill section. Not crazy hard pull, but enough to overwhelm the minimal oil going through engine.

At that point 😥, she was probably struggling inside. Temp guage was low/normal, but metal was getting removed somewhere. The shut down as I idled and coasted down the hill into town may have been a soft seize? Never seized a moped. Maybrrr I have seized a Pilot.

After I coasted to a stop and sniffed around, the restart was smooth and easy but accompanied by a knocking sound. I assumed that was a failed oil pump. More likely (and even more sad) it was just a wallered out engine telling me what an asshole I had just been to it.

I never knew how oil pressure was regulated before. I do now. Lots of great life lessons learned here. Wish I had followed the rules and obeyed the light. Thought I was smarter and got schooled hard.

Thanks for the help.

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