RS125 GP race bike parted out on ebay, lol

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Man this just really pisses me off and is kind of sad to see. Obviously yeah people can do what they want with their stuff but it still hurts lol.

Buys a RS125 for $2,475 at Mecum auctions, then parts it completely out on ebay for a combined value of easily over $10k. Doesn't look like anything has really sold yet but that's a ball park for what it might add up to if it all did. He's asking $400 for the seat cowl for example. And same price for the beat to shit radiator. One single rear set is even $400, wtf. Seems to be all he does is part out bikes.

I guess on one hand I can see it being valuable to provide all these individual parts for sale on ebay so that people can build up and fix and get their own bikes going . . and people doing this makes parts more readily available on the second hand market . . . but these prices are mostly absurd. And on top of that he got the thing for just over 2 grand. I suppose this might be your lucky time if you need parts for an RS125 . . . there's a best offer option.

Ugh, rant over. (edited)

2021-01-04 00_55_40-1994 Honda RS125 GP _ F101 _ Las Vegas 2020.png

Re: RS125 GP race bike parted out on ebay, lol

Yea he is smart that’s why. Sure he could have sold it for $3500 and been done with it, but man that’s a great thing for people who are actually racing these things. I bet this thing was clapped if no one at the auction was biting. The service intervals are crazy on these and most people don’t have the scratch or the knowledge to keep these bikes on the road let alone wrestle it around the track.

Re: RS125 GP race bike parted out on ebay, lol


If it were a museum piece, I get it.

But by the looks of it, its probably got parts from other bikes already.

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