1977 Honda Civic

Just picked this up.


Missing the head, which sucks, because it's a non cvcc, two valve, four port exhaust head that was a Canada only import.

It has a giant Weber 40mm IGF carb, racing manifold and header.


The rest of the car is pretty clean. A lot of the parts that wear out have been replaced, has all the emblems and trim, and a big bonus supply of extra lights, wheels, four new 12" tires, and enough crap that'll pay for the car if I eBay all of it.


So I gots me a new project that'll hopefully be running by spring. As long as I can find that damn unicorn head.

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

Should be able to find a head. In a way you re lucky the cvcc wierdo combustion chamber sucks.

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

Such a dreamy car. Best of luck to you.

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

maybe get a $250 b16 and swap it in.

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

Going to suck to smog ☹️

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

So cool! Had one, but was cvcc, it was a blast to drive, keep us posted on progress!

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

> Jackerz ! Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Going to suck to smog ☹️

They stopped E-Check in Ohio (I think). When I had my aircooled VW, I just warmed it up, adjusted the mixture screw really lean and backed the idle down somewhere reasonable.

Probably made no power. Not the point. I don’t know if that really helped but I passed.

Oh, I always had the timing way advanced too. You could really mess with that engine with a 10mm and flathead. Kinda like moperds huh.

Pulled into the parking lot and put it all back. Those people did not care. Just another tax.

Does CA require catalytic converters on everything? I remember even the 70’s cars from CA had wonky EGR systems.

Pointless thing to worry about right now.

Baird, I’m really envious of this car. Happy to see you building it though.

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

punkrock randy /

So awesome, never see those around anymore, not this part of the US anyhow. Would definitely be awesome candidate for a more modern honda engine transplant 🤘🏼Super jealous 😍

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

Dang that's cool. Looks like a fun project.

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

Hey papa, the Honda's got away with not having cats until 83, I think, because of the cvcc head. The extra valve made it run super clean, but ate up some performance.

CA smog laws suck, and there's really no way to beat them anymore. I wish this was a 1975, cuz then I wouldn't have to deal with it. CA started a smog cut off year that was supposed to be 25 years or older, and every year it would bump up, but they decided to cap it at 1975.

BUT, I just scored two (yes, two) ATK remanufactured crate engines for super cheap. Ones the stock 77 engine, and ones the non cvcc. Getting freighted out to me soon.

So every two years I'll have to do an engine swap for a day and smog it.

Or just leave it stock and sell the other one...


Re: 1977 Honda Civic

Pushrod Fifty /

Those are cool cars.

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

Beautiful find, smog sux. I thought they were supposed to amend that to extend it to 1983 last year.

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

Haven't heard that, wish it was true. But it's still '75 for now.

Back in the late 80s, early 90s I had a 75 Civic I raced Solo 2 and autocross. It had dual mikuni side drafts, header, full built race motor, roll cage, no interior, japanese IMSA body kit with 13x7 wheels, one seat, no interior, etc, etc...

Weighed 950lbs and had 140hp. (Stock 75 Civic is 1450lbs and 75hp.)

Was stoked when they passed the 75 and older smog rule. Had a street legal mini race car.

Downside was I was young and stupid. Went to court 5-6 times a year fighting tickets. Won almost every time, enough to barely keep my license.

Best one was, Judge: you were cited for doing 105 in a 55 zone.

Me: it's a 1975 Honda Civic, your honor. That's impossible.

Judge: "not guilty."

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

^ :)

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

Are the places that do smog checks still just smog certified auto shops? I seem to remember my grandad was friends with a dude who owned a service shop that would pass his 77’ Subaru. Maybe you too can find a friend to tweak your results?

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

Nope. There are no more "100 bucks and a six pack" smog guys in California.

It's a huuuge deal to be a smog tech now. And they're smog only, no repair shops, mostly.

If you get busted, your whole career is gone, and you'll be lucky to get a job busting tires.

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

You can smog this in CA without a catalytic converter, it uses a super cool pre-combustion chamber that helps burn the mixture more evenly for better emissions. (maybe thats only cvcc version?)

Anyways never had an issue passing smog on it.

anyways, had a 79, best car., drove it across the country.


Re: 1977 Honda Civic

Yeah, it's not the cat that's the problem, it's the 40mm Weber IDF carb and header/intake combo, and all the emissions stuff disconnected.

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

"Vermont" it.... :)

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

I’m sure there’s plenty of crazy ways to beat this.

First wild idea from me was running lean for the test.

Another work around could be to use portable grill propane tank connected to a fork truck vacuum regulator. Hide that in a temp intake/filter and shit the gasoline off.

That one coooooould explode though. I think you could do it. You’re smart.

Re: 1977 Honda Civic

It's California. There's no way to beat it.

It needs to have all the original smog equipment hooked up and working.

If it's an engine swap, it needs to have all that model year's smog equipment hooked up and working, and can't be replaced with an earlier model engine.

No aftermarket carbs, intakes, exhaust, etc, unless approved for California use.

It's the visual test that will get you. My first Civic, with dual mikuni side drafts, header, etc, easily passed the "sniffer" test, but had no smog equipment (vacuum canister, egr valve, etc...)

The car has all the smog stuff in it, just not hooked up, so my plan is, after I replace the engine with one of the crate motors, get the stock carb, manifold, etc. Hook everything up legal, and build the other motor up as a race engine.

At the moment, I don't really have the desire to build another race car, just a cool, street-able Civic, but if I wanted to swap out the engines, it'd take a half a day.

It's also not going to be a daily driver, because I have a super reliable 2002 Civic with AC, automatic, power windows, etc.

But it'd be easy enough to make a sleeper Civic, and then swap the stock motor back in every two years for the smog.

Or, find a 75 chassis and build a full racecar that doesn't need to be smogged, and get back into autocrossing.

But I don't really have room for three cars and ten mopeds at the moment.

It was pretty much a nostalgic purchase, and I'm probably gonna end up dumping way too much of my unemployment and stimulus checks into.

I'm already in about $2500 deep. These cars, stock and in good condition can fetch 5k to 15k (for perfect examples) so I'll probably end up with a car that is hopefully worth what I put into it. Minus time of course, but y'know, labor of love and all that crap...

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