1987 Suzuki RB50

I think this bike is sweet - Not a moped Not 2 stroke but pretty rare -

I want to say I've only seen one of these for sale before and it was the

red n white paint n plastic scheme. Too bad the tank is shot

Just wanted to share


Re: 1987 Suzuki RB50

Pushrod Fifty /

Maybe the tank can be fixed but its a little steeply priced, considering the missing plastics and all that it needs to be a runner again.

Re: 1987 Suzuki RB50

Dirty30 Dillon /

This will sell so fast, all those vintage GSXR dudes want a mini version of their bike.

That said, I've had seat time on ysr-50/nsr-50 sized bikes and they HURT me. And I'm not even that tall or chubby

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