High water

Tomorrow were expecting to see the highest water levels in our rivers in quite a few years, so i just went to take a look.


There's some cold weather on the way, so ill update with some nice winter wonderland pictures if the weather allows. (edited)

Re: High water

Nice! does it usually snow where you live?

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Pushrod Fifty /

Looks cool, is the water swimmable?

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We sometimes get maybe 1 or 2 inches of snow which is usually gone within a day or two. The most positive weather reports say we might get a foot of snow in the next few days, so that would be cool.

In the summer you can swim in the river, but right now the water is probably around 0°c and theres a lot of invisible barbed wire in the floodplains, so i wouldn't swim in it. (edited)

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Flooding can make a lot of trouble for some people.

It also makes for some really pretty pictures.

So, at least there’s that.

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Flooding is easily preventable, by now it's damn near impossible for the Netherlands to experience unintentional flooding ever again.


In Germany on the other hand;


Re: High water

Re: High water

Nothing cool at all about a foot of snow at one time... unless it's a novelty to you and it will melt in a few days.

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^^ Ha

Probably cause Germany has a project to fix drainage, raise elevation, install emergency pumps.

It will take 50 years to finish.

All the work will be accomplished by 75 year old, union, alcoholic, chain smokers. With only hand tools. And they will spend 40 of those years on holiday complaining about Turkish immigrants ruining their economy.

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> Stephen Keller Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Nothing cool at all about a foot of snow at one time... unless it's a

> novelty to you and it will melt in a few days.

I haven't seen a foot of snow in over a decade and from the looks of it thawing will begin at the end of next week, so it's an enjoyable novelty.

If snow became a nuisance, i'd move somewhere else.

Re: High water

The roads still haven't been cleared yet, so here's a few pics by someone else

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