Fox news

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Finally, something being done to hold the real fake news accountable. Why has this taken so long?

Re: Fox news

Johnny Braaapp /

Somebody didn’t read the rules

Re: Fox news

Law $uit$. They all have it coming.

Re: Fox news

Probably Fred /

Maybe they’ll win as much as this guy did


After all said and done with all the other Lawsuits against main stream news outlets he and others may be close to being a billionaire

All news is nowadays is not what the news is it’s what they say the news is

Re: Fox news

there are plenty of good outlets for news and information, but the most popular news media are primarily entertainment and commentary, not information

Re: Fox news

punkrock randy /



Re: Fox news

Whole thing should be taken off the air, or at least have a disclaimer telling viewers it is not a legitimate news source, just an entertainment venue.

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