Re: Keto Diet

Jimmy Cincinnati /

Carbs are fake news pushed by monsanto.

Can i honk your cat?

Re: Keto Diet

Elton John came up with the name. I don’t really know if the cat is honkable.

I had cottage cheese today for the first time in about 10 years. That stuff is good.

Re: Keto Diet

Cottage cheese is good in lasagna, in place of ricotta. But I can’t imagine keto friendly lasagna. I love pasta.

Cottage cheese is also good with fruit, like pineapple and other tart, acidic fruits. But not the low fat junk, whole fat dairy products only in my house. I hate skim milk.

Re: Keto Diet

Weirdly a lot of that low fat stuff like yogurt has a higher sugar content than the full fat version, so full fat in this house too.

I miss pasta til we have it and then it's a bit meh, rice on the other hand, man I miss a bit of basmati.

Re: Keto Diet

Ooh, I love my basmati. And jasmine, with lemongrass

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