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Jimmy Cincinnati /

Carbs are fake news pushed by monsanto.

Can i honk your cat?

Re: Keto Diet

Elton John came up with the name. I don’t really know if the cat is honkable.

I had cottage cheese today for the first time in about 10 years. That stuff is good.

Re: Keto Diet

Cottage cheese is good in lasagna, in place of ricotta. But I can’t imagine keto friendly lasagna. I love pasta.

Cottage cheese is also good with fruit, like pineapple and other tart, acidic fruits. But not the low fat junk, whole fat dairy products only in my house. I hate skim milk.

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Weirdly a lot of that low fat stuff like yogurt has a higher sugar content than the full fat version, so full fat in this house too.

I miss pasta til we have it and then it's a bit meh, rice on the other hand, man I miss a bit of basmati.

Re: Keto Diet

Ooh, I love my basmati. And jasmine, with lemongrass

Re: Keto Diet

Moderation not Adkins... (edited)

Re: Keto Diet

My liver is probably fine. All that anti keto stuff if just Big Sugar propaganda.

I am eating healthier than ever.

Living healthier than ever.

I don’t do the 50 gram thing because it’s too much thinking and too much sacrifice.

Like, there are plenty of times that I am in ketosis. I don’t care anymore.

I can run farther and faster, think clearer, sleep better.

The results speak for themself. If this was in any way bad for my body, I wouldn’t feel so much healthier than before.

I guess someone could get carried away with meat and stuff. But, I doubt they are performing well.

Only thing I have noticed is that I have to work harder to stay hydrated. I wake up dehydrated every morning and drink a lot of water to catch up. I am running 5 miles every evening. So, ya know, there is a reason.

Good looking out though. I appreciate the concern and heads up.

Re: Keto Diet

I’ll hop on here late, per usual. But I started Keto when I was working in Florida for a month during the height of the pandemic. I lost 45lbs being super strict, from 290 to 245, with the assistance of 12/8 intermittent fasting. I relaxed a lot when I got home and then went to WA and Ohio, and I lost another 10 lbs over those 5 weeks. I don’t follow keto strict anymore, but it did reshape my diet in a much more positive way, affecting my natural portion control, and making me much more cognizant of pure garbage ingestion. I used it as a stepping stone toward a more positive lifestyle. I think that’s it’s most impressive and practical impact.

Re: Keto Diet

As an aside, I watched it save my friends life, as well as complicate it. One of my oldest and best friends has always been plus size, being 350+ since college. After he broke his leg, he ballooned to 480+ and the doctor gave him that ultimatum...lose weight or die from it. He started keto and lost about 200 lbs. he looks like an entirely different human being from the guy I’ve known for 30 years. However, I believe that once a target weight or goal is achieved it is imperative to switch to a less aggressive and a much more balanced diet. He has continued down the keto path because it’s easier than focusing more on exercise, and has had pretty rough bowel issues and complications as a result. (edited)

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Well said.

It is a stepping stone. A very dramatic look at what better health can feel like if you completely stop eating shit.

Then, it’s easier to never want to go back.

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yea that's been my point too, it's a chance to rigidly examine your diet and improve. that's great

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Here’s some noteworthy keto dishes I have made:

Salmon, mayo-mustard sauce, cabbage dressed out like tai peanut noodles

Steak, shrimp, asparagus

Burrito with baked cheese wrap.

All of them taste as good or better than any carb heavy equivalent.


Re: Keto Diet

And I have kicking ass on running. 5 miles a day and today my 5th mile time was 9:11. Which isn’t “fast” but good for the 5th mile done by a 37 year old that still weight 191 lbs.


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That is an awesome story Duane!

I agreed I like Keto meals way better than the carb heavy equivalent. I don’t feel like shit the rest of the day after I eat dinner. When I first started I was like fuck carbs are in everything and I am literally eating just a meal of carbs...crazy thing is now if I eat regular pizza or pasta now I literally don’t want to do shit but sit around.

Re: Keto Diet

Atkins' diet is great! Gets rid of adult onset diabetes too, if you go on the maintenence forever. Going on it in a few days.

Re: Keto Diet

^ Fuck you, for everything you say or think.

Re: Keto Diet

Looks like all your hateful posts, should be deleted, SK. Your hate is showing for all to see.

Re: Keto Diet

^Your damn right it is, for YOU. We have to listen to your shit, you can deal with some in return.

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