Re: Maryland - I need a van

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> Turbine blades are some of the most impressive material engineering I

> have ever heard of. I think it was a RR doc I saw with blades that have

> an internal lattice structure and are heated and inflated to their final

> shape. Something like that. Just mind blowing out of the box stuff.

yea the real high performance fighter plane ones are nuts. Single crystal of nickel then machined to shape, thousands apiece and thousands per engine, no wonder fighter planes are so expensive when just the base engine materials alone can account for a half mil

But by doing that you can run them hotter, and thus more efficiently, not that anyone cares about mileage but they do about power and range, if you can go faster than your opponent, you have a huge advantage, if you can get 20% more range rom an aircraft carrier you can get way more ground covered.

Re: Maryland - I need a van

♣Slew Foot♣ /

I so want a cool patch like that all youlogotypes should take note...

I wonder what the prerequisites are do I have to meet irl to be a prospect. Do they have liquor stores? Do we take out peeps on segways instead of Garr?

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