Car , truck or van parts

I'm usually pretty impatient when it comes to needed vehicle parts .

Most often I shop a local parts house , like NAPA or Oreilly's or Advanced ...

I look for quality and a decent price and if I'm going to have to make more than a single trip to get what I want .

I just bought shocks for our GMC Envoy .

No one could come close to .

I ordered yesterday . Shocks are here now . Pretty as you please .

About 28 hours and I didn't have to go anywhere , not to mention an almost unbelieveably low total cost .

Re: Car , truck or van parts

Rockauto is great, as is, compare prices carefully though, most times even with shipping, on-line is cheaper, but not every time.

Re: Car , truck or van parts

Jesse Nordlander /

The only thing that never seems cheaper online is fluids, sprays, etc.. must be hazmat fees

Re: Car , truck or van parts

Been using rockauto for years. General rule of thumb is it can be had for half the price of local parts stores. Last part I bought was $78 at advance auto and $12 from rockauto plus $6 shipping. Also, there have been several times I found o.e.m. parts.

Pro tip: rockauto is a sponsor of several auto and truck bulletin boards or communities. They post coupon or discount codes on those sites that are publicly viewable without being a member. (edited)

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