How bored have you gotten?

I’m so bored.. I took off my compression sleeve off my knee... it smells like French that

Re: How bored have you gotten?

Overpriced Parts /

I have 4 sets Of knee brace sleeves and change them daily like my clothes. I don’t like stink

Re: How bored have you gotten?

Not board never been this busy in my life....

Re: How bored have you gotten?

Dirty30 Dillon /

Yeah, I'm busy as all hell.

Re: How bored have you gotten?

I come here....that's pretty bored, but only because I can do it on break, working 50 hrs a week....

Re: How bored have you gotten?

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Bored is not in my vocabulary. I wish i had time to be bored.

Re: How bored have you gotten?

Most of the things that come to mind are actually procrastinating techniques and not boredom.

If I’m stuck somewhere, like a job that just needs a warm body, it is typical for me to read wikipedia. Just pick something, read until you hit a term you don’t know, read that, and so on.

Re: How bored have you gotten?

I'm never bored.

I have friends that gained a ton of weight during "lockdown," watched every show on netflix, mastered all their video games, and basically did nothing for a year (and counting.)

I've built 12 bikes, I think (maybe more, I'll have to count them,) still building more, ride almost daily, and am always thinking of something else to build, modify, or destroy.

Nights I spend looking for more bikes and parts, or relaxing with a movie, some useless internet time or just doing nothing but winding down.

The only time I was bored in my life was when I was working boring jobs, and my life revolved around them. I was either working, thinking about working, or figuring out how to get out of working. I dread having to go back to a regular job.

Re: How bored have you gotten?

^ Sounds like you have it good, I gained weight over this last winter, as everything was closed and it is too nasty to be outside in the winter here, but in the summer I rode every day too, pandemic be dammed, it's about as socially distant as you can get! :) The bad thing is I have lost SO much motivation over last winter, and we are struggling into spring, 70 one day, 32 the next...I just hope I can get myself back into gear, the couch is sooo comfy, but laying around in front of the TV destroys a person, both mentally and physically. As to jobs, I like to work, but I will NEVER have a job that I think about when I'm not there, or that would have any reason to contact me when I'm not scheduled! A job should just be a vehicle to get money, it should not define you as a person, or bother you when you are off! :)

Re: How bored have you gotten?

do other people see this pop up ad in their feed?


cute little booger, in this day and age. fckin guns......and this coming from a machinist who manufactured a M.O.A maximum production piece. i loved that job, looked forward to punching that clock every day, and made sin money doing it. enough about employment, people hate me because i was retired by 49 yrs of age.

i am currently purging a life time of my stuff during the hard reset in this time and space. it really takes my mind away from it......what a long strange trip its been, words never more truly yeah 62 and cleaning up my mess, as to not burden my wife and daughters, in the event of my untimely demise....however slowly purging, to not wreck my trash guy. i kinda love that dude, and help him when i run into a pocket of crap that i need out of my life asap, and he's cool with me helping. it also saves me from having to arrange bulk pick up all the time with waste management. right now there is a light at the end of that tunnel. it is still a bit murky, but in full view now, and im diggin it! what a difference it makes when i get a couple years to really focus on whats really important. purging mopeds has been a liberation as well, and thats been keeping me busy. sorry you all are bored im just taking a break. sorry to hear you all are being held together by straps...sheesh id hate to put that crap agianst my skin. id also like to add, i woke up this morning with the tv on pbs...(bad habit, that rears its ugly head occasionally)....there is a study and science behind man made fabric's poisoning people, and how bad it is. according to science if you are not using hemp, cotton, and another i forgot. you are slowly poisoning yourself. polyester, rayon, spandex are a no no!! i totally get it, petroleum based, man made. thats the perfect outy peace....

Re: How bored have you gotten?

wow yea, ive been bored but not that bored

One of my parent's and now our parenting mantra's is "it's good to be bored"

it fosters creativity

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