Netflix App on Laptop Wonky...

All the lettering and thumbnails went like REALLY small. Tried Control +0 to reset magnification but no change. Anybody got an idea?? Windows 10. Zoom is at 100% on windows settings and changing that does nothing on the App. Several small automatic updates happened recently and that is suspect but not sure.

Re: Netflix App on Laptop Wonky...

i have never had this problem and expect that google is probably a better resource to ask than a moped forum, we're all by the nature of this site in general at least some level of luddites

Re: Netflix App on Laptop Wonky...

I still think I might get a Ned Ludd tattoo.

I like the progress that tech has brought, and will bring, but it is getting easier to make a case for how it is destroying our planet and human society.

However, there are neoluddite clowns that actually do terrorist shit. I don’t want to “smash” any “looms”.

It would be nice to keep people cognizant of the potential decline in intellect when machines replace skilled humans and the social consequences of too many simpletons.

Re: Netflix App on Laptop Wonky...

Hah yea the actual luddites were an interesting movement, I just mean in general we have a deep love of vintage trash and frequently eschew newer alternatives to our junky ol mopeds

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