Best comedian?

Jimmy Cincinnati /

Who do you feel is the best? My top 3 right now are

1) Patrice Oneal

2) Dave Chappelle

3) Bill Burr

Ive seen live shows of Russell Peters, Ralphie May, Rob Schneider, & Bert Kreischer (before he got more famous). Hands down the best live show was Bert Kreischer. You could tell he actually enjoyed doing it and he ran over like an hour.

I actually didnt even know who Bert Kreischer was until he was on stage 3 feet away from me. I took my wife out for a dinner and as we were walking to our car this random women said he I have some tickets you can have because my freinds didnt show. She then tried to give Bert tickets before we even knew he was the comedian and they sat us with this drunk woman at the center table at the front of the club. Bert could piss on me i was so close. Bert ripped on her & us all night. To make it weirder at the end of the show the woman was ripped and was trying to go home with us so we dipped out of the club while she was in the bathroom.

Wish i could have seen Patrice Oneal live.

Anyhow, Ill shut up. Tell me about comedians!

Re: Best comedian?

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

You didn’t say living or dead, so....

Rodney dangerfield

Don rickles

Larry david (edited)

Re: Best comedian?

In recent times, I have laughed my hardest at the stand up specials of Jim Jeffries and Ali Wong.

Comedy is so impermanent. So, I won’t claim a “favorite”.

Re: Best comedian?

Bill Burr is awesome, so many more no time...but will be watching this...and trying to drag up names from my horrible memory, the guy with the puppets is incredible, as is Ron White.

Re: Best comedian?

> Moped Lar (OFMC) Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> You didn’t say living or dead, so....


> Rodney dangerfield


> Don rickles


> Larry david

George Carlin

Re: Best comedian?

Bill Hicks is probably my favourite American comedian.

Re: Best comedian?


I love jokes but can't really get into standup. I dunno, never really got it. Ali wong is great for sure. Aziz had some jokes that always stuck in my head. I hung out with zach galifinakis one night and he was a genuinely funny guy off stage too.

Dave chapelle I have never heard his standup but the show was easily among the best sketch comedy every produced. I was once in a sketch comedy group. it also wasnt really my thing but i had fun with it, wrote a few skits, acted in a ton. I dunno, not my crowd but it was fun anyway.

Monty Python probably had the biggest influence on my humor and definitely I loved tom green and CKY but that's a whole different game

Re: Best comedian?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Favorite to hang out with.

Chuck barris and robin Williams.

Living Tommy chong and carrot top

Even tho he scares me now I would still be good to hang...

Re: Best comedian?

International, Rowan Atkinson steals the crown. Screw Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson Live! Had permanent residence in my VCR in the late 90's.

Re: Best comedian?

Carlin for sure.

Re: Best comedian?

Mitch Hedberg

Re: Best comedian?

^ YES.

Re: Best comedian?

George Burns and Gracy Allen

Re: Best comedian?

George Burns was amazing, so is Christopher Titus. Seen him many times, he loves to perform, always hangs around to BS after the show, met him a few times.

Re: Best comedian?

ima big Tom Segura fan

Re: Best comedian?

Giuseppe Zappa /

Bill Burr is a riot !

- G

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