'77 Cimatti City Bike Parts

Brian Wissbeck /

I am parting out this Cimatti City Bike. Carb and shocks are already sold. I have some parts on ebay like the fenders, footboards, handlebars, etc... If you want any certain parts just e-mail me. I have a Minarelli V1 motor with 40.4mm piston and rebore, new points, condensor, gaskets! Runs great!

Re: '77 Cimatti City Bike Parts

Antony Kitson /

Hi, I need to locate the rubber foot grips as per what you have here for mine. Do you know where I could get some from? Cheers

Re: '77 Cimatti City Bike Parts

This post is from 2004. I doubt he still has it 16 years later, but maybe.

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