Sears twingle 175

I know this ain't no moped, but do any of you guys have

parts for a 1965 Puch (Sears 175 Twingle). I just picked

one up and everything dealing with kickstarter shaft is gone.

I know I can get some parts from Motorwest, but I'm hoping

to find some used.

Any Help Appreciated


Re: Sears twingle 175

Are you in atlanta?

Re: Sears twingle 175

No close to Nashville, Tn

Re: Sears twingle 175

Watch ebay regularly and be patient for the parts you need. The twingle is not that rare. Also, let this post reach the second page and start a new one titled, along these lines, "WTB Twingle parts - kickstarter". Someone with parts would most likely click on it, y'know?

Re: Sears twingle 175

I will look at one of my spare twingle engines. Email me Directly and I will respond with an update.

Re: Sears twingle 175

Pushrod Fifty /

I have a few questions about twingles, I found a 175 Twingle for sale, was wondering what side the shifter is on these bikes?

I like the looks of the 175 with the cylinder fitted close to the frame but see from the spec that it's only 10hp. Would it be dog that would be too limited in riding style? I need to be able to 50 for some stretches and then mostly riding in back twisty roads.

The 175 is premix, I also figured that's simpler than an autolube is on the 250.

Are the 175s a smaller framed bike than the 250?

I think I'll always be curious about the twingle, until I get one.

Re: Sears twingle 175

Wonder if this is my old Twingle 175. Let go of it about 4 years ago in Nashville, running.

Re: Sears twingle 175

LSLB: Zach richards /

Love me an good twingle, only bike to have two pistons on one con rod 🤯....only bike in history if I’m not mistaken

Re: Sears twingle 175

Pushrod Fifty /

Its in CT. Yea its a pretty cool engine.

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