Honda Nu50 and misc performance parts

I have some parts I'm trying to sell. I'm willing to sell them individually 2 here or there or all at once. I'll list a total for everything and then everything individually. NO PART PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING COSTS. EVERYTHING IS COMING FROM INDIANA IT IS UP TO YOU TO PM ME TO GET A SHIIPPING QUOTE. Everything listed will have + for shipping costs. Parts include:

Clutch Bell RR fits honda, jog, or Zuma 112mm for 107mm, new $25+

Performance Racing CDI fits Honda DIO or Elite 5PIN, NEW $10+

2K Clutch Springs, fit Honda or GY6 50, NEW, $7+

Proformance Honda or GY6 107mm Clutch w/ 2K Red Springs, NEW $25+

Pro Grip Red grips, barely used $8+

K&N Filter fits Bing carb, $15+

Dellorto SHA14.12 Carb includes boot, $30+

1983 original NU50 Urban Express Carb, inside components are new, inside's rebuild. Comes with autochoke, even though not pictured. $60+

NU50 Airbox, Rare, even though has some speed holes w/ Uni filter $40+

NU50 Stock Clutch, $15+

A35 Cylinder includes new piston and rings, great shape, low miles.......... comes with intake, $60

Jammy pipe hack-N-weld special ;) haven't even had it a month, didn't mount to my style. So new but customized. $35+

All NU50 parts have anywhere from 1 to 500 miles and all other parts are new or barely used.

Re: Honda Nu50 and misc performance parts

Having issues posting pics on phone will use pc tomorrow.

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Re: Honda Nu50 and misc performance parts

Shahan Hoosein /

Hey Derek. Willing to purchase the airbox for the NU50. Please call me at (917)662-4321 to make arrangements. Thanks.

Re: Honda Nu50 and misc performance parts

You still got any of this stuff laying around?

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