WTB Rear Hobbit Mag

Gabriel Garrison /

I know someone here has one they don't want. ill give you money for it. what else could go wrong?

Re: WTB Rear Hobbit Mag

You and me both lol. Been browsing for 4 years never for sale. Only complete sets and and always sell within seconds (edited)

Re: WTB Rear Hobbit Mag

What’s the going price for a rear?

Re: WTB Rear Hobbit Mag

Pretty much your going to buy the rear and front...only to end up using the rear in most cases as most people buy the puch for disk brake use.

At this rate, I may have to offer a record bounty on them (edited)

Re: WTB Rear Hobbit Mag

There aren’t any rears cuz they always break .

The five stars at least

Re: WTB Rear Hobbit Mag

Yeah I've been looking for a rear for years butit's extremely rare to see just a rear for sale. And even then sets sell so fast and for so much it's crazy (edited)

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