Pittsburgh, PA50-II (that pun never gets old) Nice '79 Hobbit


content was written for the CL readers but here ya' go:


1979 Honda Hobbit PA50-II (~30mph version) mo-ped moped motor-driven cycle.

For a 40 yr old moped, it is great overall condition paint and all the cosmetic plastics, bright glossy factory "bumblebee" yellow and black.

No rust. Headlight bucket has cracked mounts so its tied down in place but works perfectly including both hi and low beams. Horn doesn't work, key is permanently "on" but the kill switch works to turn it off too. Taillight and brake light works fine. All the cables and brakes and levers work fine. Spoke rims are nice shiny chrome and in great shape: but. it. definitely. needs. new. tires.

Stock single-cylinder 49cc two-stroke motor with automatic "Hondamatic" CVT transmission which is dual-variated and therefore awesome for climbing hills without pedaling at all. PENNDOT legal with just a regular drivers license, title, plate and insurance. (you do not need a Class M)

Case inducted, stock carburetor, intake and reed valves. One intake bolt is broken but the rubber gasket of the reed cage seals perfectly under the intake manifold anyway. Stock exhaust.

No title but I personally suspect it has been titled in PA somewhere in its 40 yr old history so if I kept it I would use a VT title service to get a title and plate. Doesn't require a title at all in OH though. And of course if you are just looking for a pit bike or flea market bike or campground bike, you don't need a title either.

It runs excellent as-is all stock and its very quiet with the factory exhaust. $400 as-is where-is. I will write you a bill of sale and if you want to you can pay a notary to stamp it.

If you want the moped to run like a daft punk (harder, better, faster, stronger, and uh, louder) then for $100 I can include a (proma) pipe and modified variator that you see in some of the pix which gives it enough power to almost pull wheelies and is very noticeably more torque and powerband and top speed.

If you already know your mopeds, then odds are pretty good you already know me, right? Right. Hit me up to talk buy/sell/tradesies if you wanna....

But, if you don't know me or mopeds ...yet... I can assure you a full disclosure, a seemingly bottomless well of advice, opinion and information and a nice looking, great running, widely admired make and model of moped that is in much better shape then the average "barn find" and much better performance than the average stock bike.


Send your own U-shipper or come get it in zip 15102.

We like to travel so delivery isn't completely out of the question i suppose. I will ship it, but that includes a p.i.t.a. surcharge plus exact shipping costs. (edited)

Re: Pittsburgh, PA50-II (that pun never gets old) Nice '79 Hobbit

yer a class act, monti

Re: Pittsburgh, PA50-II (that pun never gets old) Nice '79 Hobbit

> Graham Motzing Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> yer a class act, monti

Ditto (edited)

Re: Pittsburgh, PA50-II (that pun never gets old) Nice '79 Hobbit

Great price! I'd actually buy that if i wasn't more than overloaded with junk that needs attention. I still think those headlights are funky.

Re: Pittsburgh, PA50-II (that pun never gets old) Nice '79 Hobbit

Thank you all for the kind words... I believe this bike is going to make someone really happy... It found a new home with a friend of a friend today and he even happens to live in my neighborhood so I expect to see it on my local streets often :)

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