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Puch Magnum II for sale if anyone is interested. Talked with the guy, he said he bought it from a collector and is now just trying to flip it for top $$. He said he doesn't know anything about it, but he's unwilling to settle for less than his asking price. Funny thing is, he hasn't put a dime into it. It's a straight flip. I passed, but maybe one of you gents/ladies might be interested.

Re: Fs: 1980 Puch magnum 2

I never look at the cost of a moped procurement trip as part of the cost of the ped. I look at them as an adventure and entertainment. It is part of the thrill of the hunt. You get to see things and experience things that you would not have otherwise. Example: I recently made a rather long road trip from Boston to South Jersey (Philly area) to grab a rare ped. (This one would have been worth a road trip to New Mexico, it is a Safari Variomatic Deluxe with a Minarelli C2 in great original unmolested condition).

I made sure to get me a Taylor Ham breakfast (a NJ thing), saw some sights, and took a short sidebar to Atlantic City for some casino action. Stopped in the NYC area for a real pastrami sandwich too.

Re: Fs: 1980 Puch magnum 2

Jason Kincaid /

I am the DC delivery. This delivery has me hooked on these slow things for a long time. My 3 year old cant wait to ride it.

> live ɘvil Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Ive delivered mopeds in the past and might be able to deliver this one

> depending on the buyers location. I'm back and forth between Louisville

> and central Indiana. I have more than one proper carrier with tie downs

> and soft ties.


> The moped would need to be paid for first of course and I would need to

> be compensated for my time and gas upon delivery (cash or PayPal)


> I drove to Jersey last fall to meet Moped Lar. I bought one for myself

> and transported one to Downtown Washington D.C while the trike was

> dropped off In Columbus Oh. on my way home. By delivering two other

> machines I was able to offset my costs and help other buyers and the

> seller out.


> Something to thing about.

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