Bay area: Derbi DS50

Well this definitely bums me out but its the move i gotta make.

Well used and lovely. Willie brought it back from the dead, motor was rebuilt with new conrod pressed in. Ive added some bits and have some other extra parts to go along: nicer seat with key, another clean dash bezel, another ignition key switch with key that matches the seat. Extra new brake pads, Prob some other bits im forgetting


[attachment 203251 038F491F-E9E0-4084-B5CA-82CE0D5531CF.jpeg]

44mm airsal

One way bearing

And different ramp plate(tjt I believe) comes with some other vario tuning bits

dellorto SHA

Battery delete capacitor works grear

Brake light, horn, high/low beam and blinkers work! Its great



Re: Bay area: Derbi DS50


Re: Bay area: Derbi DS50

campeona del mundo /

knobbies!! i have the title for this still!! will sign over to whoever buys it

Re: Bay area: Derbi DS50

Right! Yea titled moped! Also i forgot i got some minty floor board rubbers!

Re: Bay area: Derbi DS50

Overpriced Parts /

Sweet bike and good seller and Will is a great person/moped mechanic!

Re: Bay area: Derbi DS50

Emil Kniemel /

Damn this is awesome. Wish i was in norcal.

Re: Bay area: Derbi DS50


og rear view mirror even! lol

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