1977 Puch Newport

This thing sat in a dude’s yard for like... 5 years covered by a tarp. I pulled it out. Threw some parts at it. Got it running. Since then the coil died but everything else(to my knowledge) is good.

New fuel petcock. (And I vinegar soaked the tank for 3 weeks.)

New seat cover.

New body panels.

New tubes.

10 new spokes.

New fuel line.

If it were my project, (It is but I have too many projects right now) I would do the following:

Brakes. Tires. Coil. Good to go.

I love the old newport(with the old badge) but I’ve got bigger fish to fry. My projects are all sitting in the shop right now waiting for papa to sell this Puch and buy them parts.

I ran it and rode it once. 1 month later, I visit the shop I’m storing it at and the coil died. It’s one part from being on the road and otherwise sound.

I’d like $500. I’m in Colorado Springs.


Re: 1977 Puch Newport

MAPP will be with you shortly. Please remain on the line.

Re: 1977 Puch Newport

Mothers against Puch posts?

Re: 1977 Puch Newport

Moped Army Price Police. Just a matter of time before they rip you apart for trying to get $500 for a crusty, non running maxi.

Re: 1977 Puch Newport

Commence ripping! It’ll sell to someone who wants it. Maybe not at this price. Maybe not from this site. I’ve listed what I think it’s worth.

Re: 1977 Puch Newport

^ you are fine, there are a few that think they can tell you what your property is worth to you. GLWS.

Re: 1977 Puch Newport

Angry Hipster /

I've shot down some overpriced bikes before. People can easily tell someone what their property is worth. It's not that we think can, because we can and have...easily.

But this bike and price doesn't seem to warrant a bad reaction. Sure $500 is high but it's a starting point and it's in Colorado where there is some money floating around. So, 600 or 700 ya, it would be bullshit but it's $500 and not a piece of junk so it's a fair deal.


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