WTB Sachs 504 Crank

Looking for a Sachs 504 crank or perhaps a whole 504/505 bottom end! Whaddaya got!

Need shipped to 37216 (Nashville). Thanks.

Re: WTB Sachs 504 Crank

Bump -

I need a 504 crank/flywheel/woodruff key


A complete 504 bottom end.

No longer looking for 505 bottom end, which will not fit on a Sachs Westlake.

Thank you.

Re: WTB Sachs 504 Crank

Sorry just had to leave this comment so I could follow the post. /bump!

Re: WTB Sachs 504 Crank

Get a 505 d crank and a derbi motoplat flywheel. Time it with no key and enjoy 2mm of stroke on your wimpy 504.

Re: WTB Sachs 504 Crank

To my knowledge, It has been debunked that there is a crank with a longer stroke (the 44mm “D” crank). I don’t care to argue about the matter though, plenty of threads about that already.

I’m for now looking for a complete 504 bottom end or 504 crankshaft. Cheers.

Re: WTB Sachs 504 Crank

Umm youre wrong. There is a longer stroked crank, but it was made for a 505. The 505 clutch side is the same, but the ignition side is different. The 504 has a smaller taper on a smaller flywheel with a 90mm stator plate. Its why in the other thread we were saying use a 505 d crank with a derbi flywheel, which has the same taper as a 505, and will fit inside the smaller 504 cases.

Re: WTB Sachs 504 Crank

There are other threads for that debate, thank you. Here is one.


Re: WTB Sachs 504 Crank

After Considering Daniels advice and the fact that no one seems to have a 504 crank, would anyone like to sell me a Derbi motoplat flywheel and/or 505/D crank?


Re: WTB Sachs 504 Crank

I might have some 504 cases to mock it up in, maybe an extra derbi flywheel, but no crank. Treats has those though

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