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Best sha slide hands down helps so much buy this is you gonna Sha ur moped!

Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

Yeah Jay, that’s the stage I’m at now. Fixed the last air leak, 100% I’ve got them all now (went to every seal with a clean paper towel and a flashlight at night while cranking her, looking for any spray or exhaust).

With my former 70 jet I’m running just a tad rich now (with original slide) and still have the run away idle issue as soon I install the new one. Going to try closing the bottom hole first, will post results

Did you have a stock reeds or something else when you had the issue? Thinking of taking out my Boyeson two stage reeds and going back to stock to see if that corrects. But then is it worth it....

Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

got this and it immediately went to heck having bent/broken. what a bummer

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So I did some missing on mine

I think I may of had the issue of not seating properly (idle screw doing nothing) but I filed the bottom on the legs instead of the sides.

I also closed the air holes completely (using a torch and an awl and a torch) and then slowly opened them back up until it worked for me.

Idle is still just a tad high but no more runaway. I’ll be ordering another and simply shaving the sides to see if that helps. When I initially inspected the slide it seemed the legs were touching bottom but I might of been mistaken

For now, for me, this is what my slide looks like


Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

Oh man. That thing looks beat up now. But good to know you were able to mess with it in a way that got it to work for you. Thanks for posting up the info and pics!

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So I've been having the same high/runaway idle issues with this, and I did the same thing you did to try to alleviate some of it by sanding the 'legs' down a tad, at least until the underside of the 'shelf' of the slide now touched the body of the carb.

Here's what it looks like now with a flashlight on both sides of the carb with the slide

dropped in all the way:


I think where we're all having the lean problem is that the underside of the 'shelf' is preventing the slide from totally sealing up the throat of the carb to force the air through the slots the way it's designed to, besides allowing too much air to flow through.

This is probably why you found improvements by sealing up the vents but still have a high idle issue. Could you flash a light through both sides to confirm or deny this possibility?

Likely, all we need to do is sand or file the underside of the 'shelf' down some to allow it to drop down enough to seal up properly. Whaddya all think?

Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

This is what I'm talking about when I say the underside of the shelf:


Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

Stan, you the man. Way to actually figure some shit out! I will check that out on mine.

So is the "stand" part you are referring to hits the carb body before the slide can seat all the way down? Do the bottom "legs" still need to be shaved down slightly or will filing down the stand piece only cause it to seat all the way down?

Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

Thanks meng! Just trying to help out. :-) I think this slide could be a great thing for SHA users everywhere.

So I went ahead and took the plunge tonight; ground off the underside of the shelf 1.5 - 2 millimeters or so and discovered that the legs would have to be taken practically off entirely in order to have the slide come down enough to totally cover the throat. Here's the results:


Since I haven't thrown it on the bike yet, I have no idea if this will improve anything but I suspect it will.

LGN Bruiser, I'm not sure what testing process or procedure you went through to get to this design, but if you haven't already then you may want to try printing a slide out without the notch at the bottom but with the speed holes. I think you're right on the razors edge with functionality here due to the divided results you've been seeing and eliminating an easily added thing if needed for a specific build would narrow down the issues that we on the high/runaway idle side have been having.

By the way, great selection of material for the slide... it was a real bitch to file/sand down the underside of the shelf enough which lends credence to it's long term wear attributes.

Thanks for making the slide for us and I'll get back with results once I have some time over the next few days!

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For everyone posting your results, PLEASE include your setups.

From what I’ve read, it seems that stock systems are finding increases in responsiveness (14.12 with restrictive airbox) where as re-carbed or kitted systems seem to have a run away idle (usually 15.15 and up with high flow filters).

I am running:




High Flow Air Filter

Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

I tried it in three bikes and setups. I have not modified my slide at all it is still how I recieved it. No fitment issues, and seems to close all the way, but I have not confirmed with better lighting.

Garelli RS

70cc Polini Team Reed kit

Old style 70cc head

16:16 sha

Malosi reeds

Proma circuit

Result: runaway throttle, better low end response tho

Garelli SS

70cc Polini PP cyl

70cc BRN sport head

16:16 sha

MLM intake

MLM peoples side bleed pipe

Result: better low end take off, no runaway throttle.

Puch Magnum w/e50

70cc TCCD kit

70cc low comp head

16:16 sha

Curved sha intake for puch

MLM Peoples ninja pipe

Result: not accurate results due to other issues on the bike, but it had a good responce I switched it out to a regular slide before I have figured out the real issue with the bike. I have not tried it on the bike again due to it having a vm18 on right now.

Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

Ayye. Thanks for the research here! I just popped one of these into my m1 Sebring, (gila, 15.15, MLM circuit), and it had a runaway idle. Rechecked all my torx, sprayed it down for leaks, scratched my head and went to bed. Now I know what I’m looking for. 😘 Will post results ASAP. (edited)

Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

Emil Kniemel /

Hobbit case, derbi FR 50cc gila kit

stock derbi PP head

Runtong-branded clone 15mm SHA

no filter

66 jet

motobecane av7 intake mounted to stock pa50ii intake (12mm)

hackweld treats black pipe for hobbit

result: no runaway, idle is fine. It ran similarly but now has better throttle response and less 4Ting than with the stock slide. choke kills it when warm. starts easy with choke. there are other issues with the bike other than the carb tho.

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