WTB 15 mm Bing Tall Intake

I purchased a #1 Grandpa from Treats, but it makes the carb sit too low on my ZA50. Looking for a 15mm intake that will keep carb in stock location. Let me know what you have or a recommendation on one that will work well.


Re: WTB 15 mm Bing Tall Intake

OEM tall Puch intakes only came in 12/14mm but MLM makes these, kinda pricey though (edited)

Re: WTB 15 mm Bing Tall Intake

Yeah, I saw those. $50 dang.

Re: WTB 15 mm Bing Tall Intake

Overpriced Parts /

Get a stock tall 14mm and dremel it out a bit with sand paper rolls, bits to 15mm

Or 12mm intake and drill it out with a drill press, I make most my 14mm intake 15mm or bit better even if I use a 14mm bing carb for a bit more flow ,

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