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hello moped army. new member.

i have been riding my sachs taxi ped since the 80s! decided this year to rebuild and upgrade and i made the mistake of buying an HPI mini rotor ignition, not knowing that it wasnt the best option for my sachs. so reselling! it is used but did start and run on my bike. ran very well but my clutches exploded about 20 miles in. sorry, i do not have a smart phone or digital camera yet to take pictures. asking $100 plus shipping for the igntion. i will respond to messages as timely as i can get to my computer. thanks!

fyi-local guy says this is the one that also fits on puch mopeds.

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Aubrey Kimbell /

Do you have any idea if it will fit or work on a minarelli v1?

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> Aubrey Kimbell Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Do you have any idea if it will fit or work on a minarelli v1?


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Had my neighbor take a photo and email to me. Hopefully this shows up ok


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I’ll take it, I sent you a pm with my number.

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Nvm I’ll pass sorry for the hype

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Lots of messages, responded to everyone. Shipping will be flat rate, just about 9-10$

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