Cimatti Town / city bike

William Klinkefus /

Looking for good set of handle bars and right side foot board. Any color of foot board is fine. Thanks in advance.



Re: Cimatti Town / city bike

Someday you may come across a footboard. But probably not. Good luck!

Any handlebars will work.

Re: Cimatti Town / city bike

Robert Linhares /

Did you ever consider making a foot rest from a sheet of metal?

The right side is just of opposite of the left side.

Perhaps some "you tube" resources/a bit of blacksmithing/possibility of success and sense of accomplishment.

"the impossible just takes a little longer".

Re: Cimatti Town / city bike

John Konstantine /

For the Cimatti right footrest, you can try contacting Blake at doscycles ( Dos Cycles and Shawn at Myron mopeds Myrons Mopeds .

You should contact them and ask since they probably would not list these for sale on their websites.

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