2009 Tomos Targa LX custom

I’ve never used this site before and I’m not sure how active it is but I’ve got a great moped I’d like to go to nice home!

50cc 2 speed automatic 40+ mph

Runs awesome, no problems. Carburetor gone through, cleaned, jetted out, removed airbox, removed oil reservoir. Handle bars and front light not original. Original body parts, lights, reservoir, and airbox included.

Great for college student needing to get around on campus.


Re: 2009 Tomos Targa LX custom

Clean bike, you should probably post a price though

Re: 2009 Tomos Targa LX custom

Here is a few more images. I am asking 1200 and willing to negotiate.


Re: 2009 Tomos Targa LX custom

You beat me to it! Hah

Re: 2009 Tomos Targa LX custom

I want that targa. I have a sprint step thru.

Re: 2009 Tomos Targa LX custom

where are you located Austin?

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