1969 Batavus HS50 for sale


My son bought a running Batavus HS50 with hopes that he could use it to get around campus at college. The bottom line is that it's cool and runs well - but is just too slow for a guy is size to safely move in traffic so we are looking to sell it.

Located in Louisville KY. Plenty of pictures available.

The good:

* New Tires front and back (after a lot of looking - I found a 2 1/4 inch for the rear - so this is done correctly).

* New high quality air filter, horn and led rear tail light (though horn and tail light not hooked up - as he is away at school).

* We flushed the fuel tank and it was clean / I am the farthest thing from an expert - but is is in remarkable shape for it's age.

Less good:

* The paint has some chips and scratches.

* The original seat had a hole and wasn't tucked properly in the back and partially on one side. I made an attempt to patch them with a leather patch - but it's not perfect.

* The clutch cable (that you use to start it) - is a little loose from the handle - it works just fine - but something looks off...

* There is a part that must have been bolted above the engine which is missing.

* the muffler is missing the original rear mount / a zip tie is holding it right now.

We aren't in a rush to sell and will wait until spring rather than him taking a big loss on the purchase. Would be interested in a trade - if we could trade it for something 50cc or under that would reliably move a 150 lb. 18 year old at up to 35 MPH.

batavus 2 Kuhn.JPG
batavus 3 Kuhn.JPG

Re: 1969 Batavus HS50 for sale

He paid $525 (and I've put another $80 plus in parts) - so we would like to get $550 - but I'm sure the group on this site will tell me if that is realistic or not...

Thanks for looking.

batavus 4 Kuhn.JPG
batavus 5 Kuhn.JPG
batavus 6 Kuhn.JPG

Re: 1969 Batavus HS50 for sale

Alexandro Ramirez-Nagy /

There's supposed to be a center cover above the engine and over the pedals. 550 isn't too far fetched but if it could use a little work I would call it a 500 or 480 bike. It's a top tank dutch moped so it's pretty cool. I personally love Batavus. I'd personally pay 500 or less, but probably not 550 for it.

Re: 1969 Batavus HS50 for sale

First $500 takes it.

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