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> Nick Haber Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> For the past 4 years I've ridden my Honda Hobbit around campus. I kept

> it locked to a bike rack underneath a cover outside my dorms for the

> first 2 years I went to school. I chose to daily a moped because I was

> able to lock it to any bike rack, not buy a parking pass and not buy

> insurance; and as a last ditch resort pedal I could pedal it if I had to

> get somewhere and the bike didn't start.


> Depending on your state your son might need to get a motorcycle license

> for any scooter, and he might not be allowed to keep it at a bicycle

> rack like a moped.

You are so right because you live in the state where I am,

One of the reasons why I have Mopeds over the Enduro bikes (other than Financial requirements for every motorcycle you own) is because you could park them in a bike rack or chain to pole,

If you put a small jap Enduro bike or scooter in a parking space someone just picks it up and takes it away,

Even back in the late 70s my F11 175 Kawasaki was attempted to be stolen three times in one month being parked in my friends parking spot right in front of his first floor apartment,

He/his dad was the superintendent of the complex with a apartment that had patio with a sliding door on first floor!

luckily at 2:30 am on weekends we were still up every time someone tried to pick it up and take it away,

One time we were shot at from a Delta 88 that had a trailer connected to it when we came running out yelling and then bike was dropped in the middle of a parking lot laying on its side,

Yeah a 900 pound Harley Davidson is hard to steal but a small bike is easy to pick up and steal even if the forks are locked so yeah small pedal Moped‘s for life !

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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