WTB First Moped (Tomos?!)

As the title says, I'm a college kid looking for my first moped. Pretty enamored w/ the look of the newer Tomos bikes. Willing to drive relatively far for the right deal/right bike.

I'm in Middletown, CT. Let me hear offers even if you're NY/NJ/PA/RI...

Re: WTB First Moped (Tomos?!)

Keep a eye on craigslist in your area you can find some good deals.

Re: WTB First Moped (Tomos?!)

I got two tomos bikes but they need to be built one new frame no vin bought from treats. The other is a used frame with vin. I built both engines with the newer 70cc 45mm kits kick start alot of new parts. To me it's better to build the bike the way u want it instead of buying a bike someone built the way they wanted it.

Re: WTB First Moped (Tomos?!)

Look up mopedlar on here and give him a private message. I think he might have a few bikes for sale still. Not tomos, but you won't regret getting a bike from him. He has the best condition stuff at REALLY reasonable prices. One of the best people in this community no doubt.

Don't take this the wrong way but the newer tomos bikes are junk. Bad parts and shitty quality. Reliability is fucking garbage...If your dead set on a tomos look for bikes 2012 and older. I'd recommend one with the earlier a35 Reed valve engine, but the a55's are great too. Stay away from the a3's, smaller Piston pin makes top ends harder to find.

Re: WTB First Moped (Tomos?!)

Thanks a bunch for pointing me his way--and thank you for the heads-up. I truly did not know that about newer Tomos peds, so it's nice to keep that in mind. Bummer that they're not as reliable as it once seemed. I'm a sucker for a top-tank look...

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Moped Lar (OFMC) /

Email sent! Thanks Aaron for the nice words and referral.

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I just put my 2004 tomos up for sale yesterday. Been riding it for 15 months almost every day. Its dependable and reliable as long as you don't weigh alot and mix oil and gas correctly

Re: WTB First Moped (Tomos?!)

Update! Just wanted to extend a huge thank you to Aaron for referring me to Moped Lar--and of course a huge thank you to Moped Lar for hooking me up with The Godfather. Super excited to get acquainted with the bike.

Thrilled to know that a community like this one exists. Happy riding.

Re: WTB First Moped (Tomos?!)


Man that godfather is sweeeeet. You basically got a new bike.

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im just below Baltimore in MD... another hour from jersey, with a '94 Tomos targa LX 2spd golden bullet. all oem with a sheared flywheel keyway... so runs if you reset the points everytime ahaha or needs a new keyway or possibly motor rebuild. but the price reflects that imo

would need $250

lmk if your interested

Re: WTB First Moped (Tomos?!)

really can't believe that thing hadn't already sold

The Godfather is minty


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