For sale: 1983 Kawasaki ar50

I have a running 1983 Kawasaki ar50, 5 speed. Super rare to find, especially as complete as I have mine!

This sucker is non-op and titled under my named(which took forever to get!).

I have the fairing too (fairly busted up).

-Replaced the clutch discs/ springs

-oil change as well

- have foot rest hardware (not on)

- have side covers also (not on)

-replacement tail cowl and light (not on)

Only reason Im letting her go is I’m moving and can’t bring her with me :(. Would prefer to sell all together. I’m willing to negotiate too just be reasonable! Cheers mates!

Located in San Diego



Re: For sale: 1983 Kawasaki ar50


Re: For sale: 1983 Kawasaki ar50

Sure they don’t pop up for sale as often other shifties in the USA, but they aren’t rare. Imported to Europe for 10+years, Malaysia had them long enough to see liquid cooled versions. It’s more an oddity than a rarity. They never sold in the US like they did elsewhere, same as MB5 with one year US import

At any rate it looks fun and is likely for the most part rust free being from cali - the tanks tend to rust easily

Re: For sale: 1983 Kawasaki ar50


Re: For sale: 1983 Kawasaki ar50


can i buy yor AR50 Wheels together with Front Disc?

Re: For sale: 1983 Kawasaki ar50

> Juan Cruz Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Cool

soooooo price ???

Re: For sale: 1983 Kawasaki ar50

Hey guys I’m open to offers, thinking around the 1g area

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