2009 Tomos ST for sale

Hi everyone, I'm looking to sell my 2009 Tomos ST. It's on CL and OfferUp for $1200, so I'm starting there but listening to offers. I cannot take in trades - the money is going for a downpayment on a bigger bike. Being a bigger guy, I'm finding the hills of Tacoma to be a little challenging on 49cc. Fun on the flats, though.

I guess it's easier try to sell this off than to drop 50 lbs.

I'm not a mechanic - so I didn't do any drivetrain mods. It came with the performance exhaust in the pics, a bigger sprocket and modified clutch to shift later. I swapped out the handlebars and pulled the rear fender. I also swapped out the lights, put on bigger tires and remounted the seat a couple inches back.

Runs well - pretty much a crosstown daily driver. Original parts included.

Ask away...



Re: 2009 Tomos ST for sale

Nice! But boy, is your chain loose...…….

Re: 2009 Tomos ST for sale

Wow are you right. Thanks - good catch there.

Re: 2009 Tomos ST for sale

Thanks Don Ohio. Fixed.


Re: 2009 Tomos ST for sale

Put the rear fender back on that wire is going to rub against hit that tire. The fender protects the frame from the elements left like that rust will kill that bike really quick.

Re: 2009 Tomos ST for sale

RZ Namllow /

One of the nicest looking bikes I've seen.. but opinions may vary, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Re: 2009 Tomos ST for sale

Very nice indeed, he said OG parts included, so yeah put the fender back on or at least tie up the wires for the lights, hey he left the front one on! :) @OP I don't know anything about Tomos, not many where I live, but people seem to get them going pretty fast pretty easy, maybe look into that, I too suffer from excess lbs, should drop about 20...and yeah it sucks, but the bike and ones self performs better if you do, lost a lot over the summer but porked out again, :/ Kit that thing and I bet you do better on hills. GLWS, or upgrading it, it is a really nice machine. Even subtle changes in the gearing can help out...

Re: 2009 Tomos ST for sale

Thanks! I always felt it was a good looking ride. Looks like someone else finally agreed too. Selling Monday.

Re: 2009 Tomos ST for sale

Thanks, i hear you and mayne new years' will inspire better health habits. Gotta keep trying.

The Tomos has found a new home and i got a good deal. Also didn't have to mess with it and screw something up. I was real close to kitting it.

So, another learning moment deferred. As someone who prefers the ride more than the tinkering that's a positive.

On to the next!

Re: 2009 Tomos ST for sale

Sold as of 12/30

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