Kinetic Part Out

‡∫‡ß Sire Roycington (Duke of Waffles) /

Kinetic Part out. Everything in good used condition. More pics available upon request.

All Prices Not Incl Shipping.

Possible trades include: Peugeot 103 swingarm.

Grimeca Snowflakes: $100

Vespa EBRs: $50

Kinetic Gear Hub NoN Vario: $40

Gear Hub Bracket spacer thing: $5

Kinetic Bottom End Cases (needs new crank): $40

Used Malossi Kit: $60

Stock Cylinder head: $15

Kinetic Clutch & bell combo: $15

Brake Plate: $15

Pulley: $5

Seat $30

Used Mikuni TM24 $65

Let me know if you're interested in anything else. Ty! (edited)


Re: Kinetic Part Out

Jason ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /

I'll take the EBRs.

No transmission with the snowflakes?

Re: Kinetic Part Out

Will the snowflakes fit a pinto by any chance? Can I always get pics of the tm24? Thank you!

Re: Kinetic Part Out

‡∫‡ß Sire Roycington (Duke of Waffles) /

The snowflakes don’t come with the gear hub, gear hub is listed as separate item for $40. Obvs off you wanted both we could work out a deal.

Tm24 photo: (edited)


Re: Kinetic Part Out

‡∫‡ß Sire Roycington (Duke of Waffles) /

Forks are SOLD.

Everything else still available. Shoot me an offer.

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