Stuff for sale

Korado crank- Little dirty/ some crusty fuel but big end bearing feels good - 45$

Av88 head - brand new in the shrink wrap - 35$

17mm bing - includes the bendy intake and riser - 60$

Puch bar end mirror - 20$

Motobecane Doppler spring - missing the rear bracket - 45$

Derbi / aprilia speedo cable - 30 inches long with 2mm drive on both ends. New in the package - 25$

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Re: Stuff for sale

A few more things..

MagnumX cylinder/head and piston- the rings are stuck in the piston.. I think some heat would break them loose though. Has a dykes ring. No scoring. The bore has some very light surface rust from sitting on the shelf- 50$

Magnum xk cylinder/head and piston- really dirty and some very light scores in the bore. Piston is perfect. They got me to and from work daily for 3 years - 50$

Motoplat ignition- pulled from a flatreed worked great for me. Comes with a new set of points - 60$


Re: Stuff for sale

Motoplat and bing are SOLD

Re: Stuff for sale

Mirror SOLD

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