WTB Derbi needle bearings

I am looking for a couple of these needle bearings.

They came off of a 1980 Derbi PP setup.

From my measurements they are:

7mm id

9mm od

20 mm long

Thanks in advance!

Let me know if you


Re: WTB Derbi needle bearings

todd amundson /

Your measurements are not correct on your existing bearings. These are not drawn cup and just about all measurements will be half sizes. The needles themselves are 1.5x10.3. Better save what you got, they're a bitch to replace.

Re: WTB Derbi needle bearings

Emil Kniemel /

email dos vs checking their website as they dont typically list small things like this but might still have them.

Re: WTB Derbi needle bearings

I will send a message to Dos Cycles, see if they have something.


Re: WTB Derbi needle bearings

Correct measurements:

16.5 id

19.5 od

29.5 long.

(My harbor freight digital caliper shows everything as .6-.66 rather than actual .5.)

I don’t know where I made up those other numbers from.

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