50cc Athena Kit for Sachs - Barely Used

Dimitry Harris /

50cc Athena Kit for Sachs. I installed it on my Sachs 504, and quickly realized I wanted more power, so I bought the 70cc Athena kit instead. This kit has less than 10 miles on it. Very lightly used, I ran it rich, and followed proper break in procedures from the start and it is not fully broken in yet. I bought the kit brand new from treats,


It comes with everything except the exhaust and intake gasket; the ones that came with the kit can be seen adhered and torn on the jug from the kit removal. Base gaskets are mint. The exhaust and intake gaskets will come off with a razor blade, the mating surfaces are mint.

This is a great and powerful (think Sachs 505/D) kit if tuned right. I wasn't getting full power out of it because I had my points set incorrectly when it was installed.

I'm asking $150 plus shipping for everything. Feel free to make me an offer, personal message me! Thank you!


Re: 50cc Athena Kit for Sachs - Barely Used

fuuuuuck me, where was this post 2 months ago!

Re: 50cc Athena Kit for Sachs - Barely Used

Dimitry Harris /


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