FS: Magnum/Maxi Stock Cylinders

Dirty30 Dillon /

I've been holding onto these for the day that I built a super stock maxi, but I have a stock large port 49cc Monza top end now, so these can go.


Two Magnum jugs (one is very lightly ported, the other completely stock), one magnum head, one Maxi open port head and one piston.

I'll hone and oil the two cylinders before shipping so they arrive nice.

$45 + shipping. I imagine I can probably ship everything for around $20. If you're local to NYC, you can save that shippin cost and come grab them from my shop in Bushwick.

Re: FS: Magnum/Maxi Stock Cylinders

Tweaker trash /


Re: FS: Magnum/Maxi Stock Cylinders

Dirty30 Dillon /


T-minus 5 days until these are getting turned into scrap money. If you have an offer, I'll entertain.

Re: FS: Magnum/Maxi Stock Cylinders

if you're gonna hone and oil the cylinders, i'll take everything but that small head. i think its time i put a 50cc E50 on my SIS (sachs) frame. i want something that'll climb hills and not need a speedometer in town.

would you be open to porting them both for a whee bit extra?

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