17' wheels on va50 batavus

Just curious will 17' wheels fit on a batavus va50 if so does anyone have any that would be a direct mount

Re: 17' wheels on va50 batavus

Puch will be a close crossover, if memory serves the Batavus axles are 11mm and shorter then the Puch 12mm axles. You might have to modify the dropouts and you might run into tire clearance issues at the fenders and swingarm yoke.


Re: 17' wheels on va50 batavus

hey I appreciate it the input see what happened was I went and bought two sets of IRC tires and I bought them in a size 17 when I needed 16 so now I'm stuck them because I can't return them but hey if you have a size 16 set and a size 14 set and you need 17 and I'll be willing to trade anybody for them I prefer to have the universal tread though cuz I do write up in the mountains a lot up here

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