Puch Maxi 1HP Top End Parts - Used

Dimitry Harris /

Taken off a stock 1977 Puch Maxi 1HP engine because I kitted the bike. Never seized, had compression when removed.

- 50cc cylinder, cylinder head, piston parts, no gaskets. Asking $20 Plus shipping.

- 12mm "round" Bing carburetor w/ intake. All pieces there, needs new gaskets. Should be fully functional with cleaning and minor part replacement. Asking $10 plus shipping.

$30 plus shipping for everything! Please personal message me with questions and offers. Thanks!


Re: Puch Maxi 1HP Top End Parts - Used

Dimitry Harris /

I've also got the full exhaust from the Puch Maxi 1HP. It bolts right onto the cylinder above. Asking $10 plus shipping. Thanks.

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