FS 1977 Lazer Sport 50 - Cape Cod, MA

Hi there, I have wined and dined this moped and frankly just got bored and decided I am over 2-cycle engines, and would prefer a Zero motorcycle or such.


Most parts are original, but it has the following mods/upgrades:

Hpi 210 (HPI CDI mini rotor ignition system for minarelli V1)

V1 hpi MINI rotor fan mounting plate

MLM minarelli V1 people's pipe

minarelli polini 80cc cylinder kit

MLM minarelli V1 piston port intake for mikuni vm20

mikuni 20mm VM round slide carburetor

K&N RC-1070 mikuni air filter - 43mm ID

trail tech dial-a-brightness AC voltage regulator

treatland's SUPER HIGH QUALITY brake shoes - 80x18

Tires: black master link for 410 chain

1 $1.99 $1.99

shinko-golden-boy-17x2.25-tire shinko golden boy 17 x 2.25 moped tire - SR704 moon rover

trail tech digital temperature gauge for cylinder head

Stock 10 tooth front, and a 40 tooth rear

New metal pedals ; NOS nearly at 0 Miles odometer ; replaced all plastic signal caps, no cracks or anything, all glossy ; replace rear signal chrome/metal units with Honda ones that look the same.

The good: It starts, it runs, everything engine-wise is in great condition, no rust, gas tank was NOS and has a good lock on it. However I removed the tumblers so any key can work. Has a battery and all lights, signals, horn and such work.

The bad: (Not really) Despite trying 4 times with timing adjustment using the proper micrometer, and setting the advance to everyone's suggestion for this setup, as well as tinkering with the jets and needle position in many ways, it seems to have almost no low end power, but opens up great once you get going a bit and the from there on it seems pretty great and I can go about 47Mph no problem (I weigh 125lbs)

So mid and high is fine, low is always weak. I don't have anyone to help me with it and as I said I'm just kinda tired of the tinkering for something that is so loud and attention drawing, just not my thing. I've had this moped since I was 13 so it's sentimental though.

I'm on Cape Cod, MA, I'm posting this to first see if anyone is around here and interested ; with some paint work and tuning, you will have a beautiful top-tank moped classic. I want this to go to a good home only, someone who knows how to get it to run like a champ and who will take care of it and finish my restoration.


photo_2020-10-16_18-52-00 (2).jpg

Re: FS 1977 Lazer Sport 50 - Cape Cod, MA

Steven Bolduc /

U have done nice work.

Re: FS 1977 Lazer Sport 50 - Cape Cod, MA

Tweaker trash /

> Steven Bolduc Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> U have done nice work.

You obviously have never been to Nantucket

Re: FS 1977 Lazer Sport 50 - Cape Cod, MA

The bike has never been to the islands no. I forgot to mention prices, haha. So I really am just looking to see what interest and offers are, so I welcome them. I will take better pictures soon.

Re: FS 1977 Lazer Sport 50 - Cape Cod, MA

How much? (edited)

Re: FS 1977 Lazer Sport 50 - Cape Cod, MA


Re: FS 1977 Lazer Sport 50 - Cape Cod, MA

What's fair?

Re: FS 1977 Lazer Sport 50 - Cape Cod, MA

Tweaker trash /

> Fox W. Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> What's fair?

+ $300 because it’s on cap code

Re: FS 1977 Lazer Sport 50 - Cape Cod, MA

Just my thoughts if you are sentimental about the bike, buy a stock engine for it and keep the moped. Sell the built up engine. The moped will be worth more near stock in the future anyways

Re: FS 1977 Lazer Sport 50 - Cape Cod, MA

Never heard of cap code.

Your idea is not bad but I just have no use for it and I'm trying to shed the excess.

Re: FS 1977 Lazer Sport 50 - Cape Cod, MA

You want an EV so put a front or rear electric hub motor on it. Looks like a perfect candidate. You're what 18 so that's a nice project for you: bring it I to the 21st century and get rid of the ICE motor altogether.

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