WTT /sell - ported tccd70 and matching e50 cases

So I have this engine that I built years ago, ran it a couple times but last time out it exploded the wrist pin bearing and thrashed the piston. I don't really want to rebuild it again. The cylinder is fine, not a scratch on it.

Back when I did it, I was doing a lot of math and trying to max out the porting on the cylinder, in theory is like a 11-12k rpm port job but I needed to rob parts off it and I'm just not feeling it anymore. I think it's like 185 ex but I don't remember, it ran pretty good and was nutso on the pipe but no power below like 7k and really bitchy to tune.

The porting goes outside the cylinder, it's epoxied but doesn't leak and the epoxy has held up for like 10 years.

I would like to trade for a set of cases that are less ported. You get the cylinder and the 2 case halfs, and a custom head made just for this, and you send me just 2 case halfs. Even if they are ported a little bit I don't care as I'm welding them up. No stripped holes please, maybe, I dunno, I would maybe consider it.

If you want the piston I bought to replace it, add 30$ and if you want the huge 24mm piston port intake I made, add another 30.

If nobody wants to make the trade I'll grind off the epoxy and just weld up these cases and put the cylinder on a shelf but I'll probably never build it again which would be kind of a shame since it's pretty nasty. I'm hoping someone out there wants the challenge of taming it.


Re: WTT /sell - ported tccd70 and matching e50 cases

Wesley Ambrosini /

3 bearing or 4?

I'm down but I believe mine is a 3 bearing which I honestly dont know if that's an issue

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