Wtb Hobbit pipe

Trying to see whats out there before I buy some shiz off treats or the ebay (edited)


Re: Wtb Hobbit pipe

Crank pipe. 3 size options, black or clear, upswept or lower mount, 200$ shipped


Re: Wtb Hobbit pipe

. (edited)

Re: Wtb Hobbit pipe

the dos staibless one is nice its for the pa50ii

Re: Wtb Hobbit pipe

The Proma pipe. Its the best for beginners. And it's pretty cheap and it performs well

Re: Wtb Hobbit pipe

I'd sell this pipe, its a vespa pipe modded to fit a hobbit


Re: Wtb Hobbit pipe

I have a lightly used simonini hi kick circuit pipe. $100 shipped

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