E50 Stator

Does anyone have a reasonably priced good used stator for my 1978 Kromag E50? Already put my order in at treatland and somehow forgot to order the main part I needed to get...

Re: E50 Stator

Tweaker trash /

When did you order? Send them a pm they will combine the orders, Tell them taco sent you

Re: E50 Stator

The reasonable answer is ordering another $100 of parts

Re: E50 Stator

Hahaha. I am EXTREMELY tempted to order $100 more. That website is toxic to my bank account. I was in San Fran two weeks ago. I never realized that treatland was that close.

But ill wait a few days and see if anyone here has one to sell. If not, I'll hit up the land of the treats again.

Re: E50 Stator

Michael Domanski /

Here are the 2 you asked about


Re: E50 Stator

Jimmy Cincinnati /

I have some used puch stators, send me a pm I can get pics

Re: E50 Stator

I am going to buy the two from Michael. Im getting a money order sent out on Friday after Thanksgiving. If that deal somehow falls through, I will let you guys know.

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