FS: Amal Arreche Carb + Intake

Never opened or used Amal / Arreche / CARB, i tried to measure the center to guess size, maybe 15mm? the side of it says



not sure on that ? was a puch DMP kit it was with and the guy wanted to put on an a55

stock jet in there not sure what that is didnt want to open

comes with this oil injection square intake see picture

$60 shipped to the 48 states


Re: FS: Amal Arreche Carb + Intake

Richard Eberline /

I will take this deal

Re: FS: Amal Arreche Carb + Intake

pm me, if you paypal me quick ill get it out today ups ground ( PMK your address ill get it boxed )



Re: FS: Amal Arreche Carb + Intake

Overpriced Parts /

Very good carburetor with air cleaner combo

It's a shame that jets are pricey though

Re: FS: Amal Arreche Carb + Intake

i heard somewheres that to get around the high Amal main jet prices is to

tap the Amal main jet for Puch Bing main jets.


cheap main jet prices

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