1978 ORIGINAL DEMM SMILY for sale in San Diego

I bought this Demm in La Jolla several years ago. It wasn't running but it's was complete and almost entirely original and in fantastic shape. It has the original piston but I had brand new rings made.

I replaced the carb, the piston rings, the pedal pins, fuel line, gas cap gasket, clutch cable, etc. I added a custom cargo box to the side as well. I'm including the user manual, a helmet, and matching yellow riding goggles.

Paint is original. Demm stickers mostly intact. Original tires.

Now it runs great. Fast little fucker too. Alas I have run out of room to store this gem so I'm hoping to sell.

-The Demm seat is original but the stitching recently popped all around so maybe an upholster can restitch.

Everything works except for:

-There is a short when you press the brake levers so it stalls. I have jumped the connections so the brake lights aren't working but I think there is a short or a disconnected wire somewhere.

-Some rusting on the chrome areas. Happened recently for some reason. Pic shown had footrests removed at the time but there on there.

-Has over 300 miles on it.

Asking $1,000.00 or B/O

text 619-961-9710 (edited)

Re: 1978 ORIGINAL DEMM SMILY for sale in San Diego

i'll upload more pics shortly

Re: 1978 ORIGINAL DEMM SMILY for sale in San Diego

Your brake light bulb may be burned out.

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